Kingsland Pre-Prep Our Story


Creativeness is at the heart of this beautifully designed Pre-Prep nursery in Chelsea, London. Inspired by the magical world of children's literature and artistic film makers, Kingsland challenges the culture of 'box-ticking' education. 

Kingsland Pre-Prep, is the sister school to Chelsea Pre-Prep. Located on the world famous Kings Road in Chelsea, this nursery is the new face of design and excellence in Early Years education in London.

The building is the vision of Stuart Bamford, the owner and Head of Chelsea Pre-Prep, which is a double ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rated school located on Chelsea Park Gardens.

Kingsland Pre-Prep has six bespoke designed spacious classrooms, a performance studio, an enchanted garden and an all immersive Imaginarium which provide children with a magical environment to learn and play in daily.

Kingsland Pre-Prep operates the same curriculum and opening times as Chelsea Pre-Prep with a morning session, an afternoon session and options for full days.

Kingsland provides children with immersive theatres of learning where creativity and confidence is at its forefront. The combination of our highly qualified staff and the reputation of Chelsea Pre-Prep will also help families navigate the 4+ assessments into some of the finest Prep schools in London.